Its been just over two weeks that I've been in BBI and it is fun
although there are heaps of tests
and I have to walk to school.
One time it was pouring rain and my uniform was soaking wet,
then finally my dad came in the car it was freezing.
We also have laptops and I'm getting a
Mac Book Pro its an aluminium laptop,
I got my laptop but it was the wrong type so we have to send it back, they said the lastest i would get my laptop would be tuesday the 16th which is today but I haven't
got it yet which is annoying.
Today we have been sent home with a notice about
after school activites like drama, singing and german,
I'm thinking of doing spanish for begginers and
guitar i think it'll be fun.
do you guys know the show
well theres a programm after school called
improvised comedy
which is theater sports similar to the show.
I'm looking forward to the year 7 camp in week 7
were first going on a ferry to rangitoto then we walk to
mototapu which is where we are staying to camp
the activities we do there are
  1. snorkeling
  2. kayaking
  3. challenge course
  4. rock climbing
  5. sailing

I cant remember the rest but i know it'll be fun

well i think thats all I need to share so




Ive only got 1 week and a bit to go of school until summer holidays
next year im going to intermediate and its called
It stands for bucklands beach intermediate
there school motto is reach for the heights whaia te tiki tiki
the logo is a dove flying up a mountain side.
I'm so excited there are specialist classes like cooking sowing art wood shop
and loads more its so cool well bye


I have just put in a whole lot of stuff on my blog even though this is not anything
to do with space I hope you enjoy it.
Ive put in a pinball game which is a forest and theres lots of neat obstacles and things
theres also a bowling game used by the mouse
and a dartt bpard game I was going too put on tic tac toe but it wouldnt let me
so please comment on this post if u like the new games


Im sorry my blog hasnt been updated for a while


The map below shows the Special Takahe Area and some of the mountain ranges within Fiordland National Park. It is in the South Island of New Zealand at the bottom, left-hand side. Takahe Stream runs into Lake Orbell, which is in Takahe Valley. Takahe Stream runs into Lake Orbell, which is in Takahe Valley.

5 facts of the Takahe

There were only 4 official sightings of takahe between 1800 and 1900, so by 1930 the takahe was presumed extinct.

Dr Geoffrey Orbell rediscovered the takahe on the 20th of November 1948.
There were about 250 takahe living in the valleys of the Murchison Mountains and the neighbouring ranges.
A female takahe needs to be at least two years old before she will have chicks.
The valley where Dr Orbell rediscovered the takahe was named ‘Takahe Valley’ and the Lake
nearby was named 'Lake Orbell'



Sorry No Game

You know How I said early on I said I would put a game on my blog that I created but its far to complicated so its not going on the blog